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This issue’s theme was Dirt;

Remember how you measured a good day when you were a kid? By how dirty you were at the end of it, right? You’d come home for dinner covered in filth and your parents would pretend to be angry and insist that you clean up immediately. But on the way to the sink, you’d catch the secret smiles behind their dutiful frowns. They knew you were doing exactly what you were supposed to be doing—digging in, getting down, immersing yourself deeply in the world. The dirt on your face and feet and knees and hands and neck was evidence of how alive you were. And this made them happy. Play gets you dirty, work gets you dirty, fighting gets you dirty, love and sex and sorrow and joy, it all gets you dirty. And when you’re done, you clean up and do it again. It all goes back to dirt. Dig it

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